Ishikawa's traditional arts have been enriched through a rich natural environment, history, and local culture, and have seen an unbroken period of prosperity since the feudal age.
However, they have been affected by the recent COVID epidemic,
which has caused difficulties for the organization of events as one performance after another is canceled.
For that reason, we in Ishikawa Prefecture devised a way to thoroughly prevent the spread of the virus, based on national guidelines,
so that we may continue passing on the traditional arts; what we came up with was a series of performances from each of the arts, held in an empty auditorium.
We are now streaming recorded videos of those performances, as a series called "Ishikawa Traditional Performing Arts Web Theater".
Please enjoy the traditional arts of Ishikawa:Noh, classical Japanese music, Japanese dance, ginken shibu, min'yo, and taiko drumming. Planning by: Ishikawa Prefecture  Produced by: Ishikawa Prefectural Art and Culture Association, Incorporated Foundation

Ishikawa Prefectural Music Hall Introduction video